Gary Louca Debuts Epic New Animated Adventure Series & Soundtrack

Gary Louca Debuts Epic New Animated Adventure Series & Soundtrack 1

Gary Louca is a multi-disciplinary artist and veteran musician who has been making hit records for more than thirty years. Throughout the 1990s he worked as a songwriter, solo artist and producer. In that time he wrote numerous chart-topping dance hits in the US and UK. He remained quiet through much of the early 2000s until resurfacing in 2017 as Deltiimo.

The hits keep coming. In the six years since launching the new brand, the prolific producer’s songs have been streamed millions of times. DJ’s from Tokyo to Manhattan have been spinning his discs, once again propelling his music to the top of international dance charts. However, throughout all of his many musical lives Gary Louca has maintained a parallel interest in film and television. 

For his latest project, Gary Louca has combined his two passions into an epic animated adventure. The Spirit of Toronto is an original series that tells stories spanning hundreds of years from an ancient book of magical adventures. Written and produced by Louca, it is a tale of science fiction, spirituality, and adventure. 

In addition to creating the story and overseeing production, Gary Louca composed the soundtrack for The Spirit of Toronto. “Memories” is an original composition from the film, released worldwide via all major streaming services on February 8, 2023. Composed in collaboration with maestro Bradon Grobler, Louca is joined on the track by the operatic duo of Darren & Caroline Clarke, known professionally as Trovatori. 

“Memories’ ‘ opens on a cinematic ambient cloud of organ chords and tympanic percussion. On the mic, Gary narrates a tale of wistful recollections, uncertainty, and excitement for the future. Trovatori paints the edges of the mix with angelic harmonies and an emotional outro lead vocal. Included with the release are three banger alternate Deltiimo-produced dance remixes of the tune.

Check out the full “Memories” release below, as well as the official trailer from The Spirit of Toronto. You can hear the music on your favorite streaming service, and listen to Deltiimo’s trance remix on the Deep Indie Dance playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Gary Louca and The Spirit of Toronto. Subscribe to the YouTube channel and stay in the loop. Don’t miss an episode of this exciting new animated adventure.

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