Loose Ties’ Dystopian Sci-Fi Funk

loose ties

Loose Ties are an emerging independent band who first got together in 2017 as a three-piece featuring Dinos Papadopoulos (bass), Pantelis Varvakis (keys) and Petros Printezis (guitar). Despoina “Deppie” Thomas (vocals) and George Tountaskis (drums) joined two years later. The group worked as a cover band at first. Then in 2021 they dropped their debut album Retrospect

That record introduced a diversely talented rock & roll quintet from Athens, Greece. Their sound is a unique mix of alternative, funk, pop and prog-rock. Since their debut the band has connected with fans around the world on popular tracks like “Gone” and “Promethea”. Their latest is already proving to be their most popular release to date.

Odd One Out is the sophomore LP from Loose Ties, released worldwide via all major streaming services on March 3, 2023. The eight-song collection is a concept album that imagines a dystopian future to explore themes of alienation, existential anxiety, and the struggles of urban life. Although the setting is grim, ultimately the record carries a message of hope.

From the hypnotic staccato melodies and minor-key space funk groove of “Superhuman” to the anthemic synthwave closer “Artificial Life”, the band weaves together pop hooks, sci-fi moods, and art-rock virtuosity. They add some cool jazz and blues vibes on tracks like “Ghosts” and the beautifully melancholy “Belong”. 

On tracks like “Nothing Ever Ends” and the experimental electro-pop “Song 4”, analog synths and prog-rock riffs provide a trippy psychedelic aesthetic. Throughout the album Thomas traverses multiple octaves with ease as she spins her futuristic tales. She weaves multi-part harmonies and complex jazz phrasing in and out of the band’s intricate fusion compositions on songs like “Here I Am” and the progressive rock-infused “The First Step”.

Check out the “Superhuman” video below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Or listen to the entire Odd One Out album on your favorite streaming service. Follow the links below to connect with Loose Ties.