Promoting Sounds Shifts Focus From Curating to Creating

promoting sounds

After years working as a tastemaker in the underground hip-hop scene, and as a producer on select songs, UK curator and influencer Promoting Sounds has now completely switched to being a full time artist. While he is still working with smaller, indie musicians it will now be on a more personal level; producing on the music or executively producing songs. The 26 year old from London has had an impressive catalogue of works to date.

Whilst the songs he had worked and produced on are still fully available on YouTube and streaming platforms such as “Dead Eyes” w/ Powfu & Ouse – with 100,000,000 streams on Spotify and 30,000,000 plays on YouTube, a huge amount of songs that he hadn’t produced have been removed.

Why is this important to both listeners and artists?
"In today's current musical climate, it's important to be working closely on these songs on a musical level, so they have a coherent feel to them for the best listening experience for fans of Promoting Sounds. Amazing tracks will still be coming, so watch this space!"
Promoting Sounds Shifts Focus From Curating to Creating 1
Promoting Sounds

Keep your eyes open for this exciting feel to Promoting Sounds and his songs coming soon! Be sure to check out his Spotify for all songs he has produced to date.

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