Nicey Beats Chilled New Stormy Life

nicey beats

Nicey Beats is a brand new lo-fi instrumental hip-hop project making its debut in 2023. The music is the brainchild of an otherwise anonymous German producer. Although he is just now debuting the project, the man behind the music has been making music since childhood. Now the 26 year-old musician composes as a creative break from a demanding professional life as a lawyer.

Stormy Life is the nautically themed debut album from Nicey Beats, released worldwide via all major streaming services on April 30, 2023. On the ten-song collection he takes listeners on a chilled-out downtempo voyage.

“Freedom” is the brand new single from the debut album by Nicey Beats.  The track opens on a shuffling lo-fi groove. As the track progresses, melodic strings, guitars and analog synths all work their way into the mix. They paint the periphery with a rich tapestry of sound as dreamy melodies spin on the horizon.

Check out “Freedom” below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Chill playlist, or listen on your favorite streaming service. Follow the links below to connect with Nicey Beats. Get on his profiles and get in the loop on all of the music to come from this chill new project. 

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