Augustwolf Drops Powerful New Video ‘Ukraine, Peace and War’


We first heard from Augustwolf in February of this year upon the release of the project’s debut album Visual Music. That record introduced American multi-instrumentalist composer and producer Douglas Wolf Reid and his Ukrainian creative partner, Oleh Andrievsky. The duo specializes in cinematic instrumental music built on elements of progressive rock, classical and jazz.

Douglas Wolf Reid is a cross-disciplinary artist who also owns a multimedia production company by the same name. He produces videos and musical scores for clients around the world. Last year Doug sought out collaborators, with the notion of creating an album of original material. He and Andrievsky connected over a shared appreciation for epic instrumental music. Soon after they began working on Visual Music, Vladimir Putin launched a criminal assault on Oleh’s home country.

 “Ukraine, Peace and War” is the current single and dramatic closer from the album Visual Music, available worldwide via all major streaming services. Ambient synths and a melodic acoustic guitar open the track. An ensemble of classical strings gradually eases into the mix. The thunder of a full orchestra with rumbling tympanic percussion echoes the tragic bombast of war. The piece’s animated music video offers a beautiful, disturbing, and mesmerizing look at the recent history of a proud but war-ravaged nation.

Watch “Ukraine, Peace and War” below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Jazz playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Augustwolf. Get on their profiles and check out the new album Visual Music on your favorite streaming service.

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