Foad Moradi’s Scholarly New Cross-Cultural Piece For Classical Guitar

Foad Moradi

Foad Moradi is a guitarist, music scholar, and neuroscientist who made his solo professional recording debut in January with the three-song EP Dedicated To Maestro QalaMara. That record introduced a talented artist and intellectual explorer of traditional and classical musical forms. In addition to his musical releases, Foad shares content from his research with the public via his Instagram page.

Passionate about both classical guitar and ancient maqams (traditional Arabic melodies), as both a musician and researcher Foad Moradi examines the artistic and historical significance of the commonalities between these genres. He also works extensively in music therapy research. He recently had a paper published in European Neurology journal on converting brainwaves to ancient maqams and classical guitar pieces titled, “A Novel Method for Sleep-Stage Classification Based on Sonification of Sleep Electroencephalogram Signals Using Wavelet Transform and Recurrent Neural Network”

“Do-Wale Maqam (Origin of Waltz)” is the brand new single from Foad Moradi, released worldwide via all major streaming services on April 19, 2023. The guitarist performs unaccompanied on the piece, marked by hypnotic staccato picking and complex overlapping melodies and sub-rhythms. Citing his own research into their common musical structures, lyrical themes, and etymology, Moradi hypothesizes that the piece is the precursor to 3/4 waltz rhythms and melodies of Europe’s Renaissance period.

"Do-Wale" is probably the origin of Waltz and not just because of the similarity between words: Wale and Waltz, but also because of constant three beat sentences (3/8 and 5/8 rhythm) that is used in it.
Foad Moradi's Scholarly New Cross-Cultural Piece For Classical Guitar 1
Foad Moradi

Check out “Do-Wale Maqam (Origin of Waltz)” below. You can also hear the piece on the Deep Indie Jazz & Classical playlist, or listen on your favorite streaming service. Follow the links below to connect with Foad Moradi. Get on his profiles and follow this fascinating examination of international musical history and culture.

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