James Zada Drops Classic Pop Vibes on New LP ‘The Guy With No Name’

james zada

James Zada is a veteran singer-songwriter who has been writing and producing music professionally for over 30 years. In that time he has worked with countless other artists, earning gold records and billions of streams along the way. His music has appeared on numerous television shows over the years, including a high-profile song placement on the iconic sitcom Friends.

A UK native, James Zada calls the shores of West Wales home. For the past two decades he has recorded calming instrumental music under the name Llewellyn, earning him the title King of Chill from The Daily Mail. In 2019 James debuted a new solo vocal project. Since then the prolific producer has released a remarkable volume of work including four full-length albums and over three dozen singles. 

The Guy With No Name is the brand new album from James Zada, released worldwide via all major streaming services on May 17, 2022. The eleven-song collection is smooth adult-contemporary pop mix of heartfelt ballads, introspective soliloquies, and infectious dance bops.

From the funk guitar and electro-pop groove of “Borrowed Heaven” to the bonus dance jam “Dance Now”, The Guy With No Name takes its stylistic cues from the classic pop of the 80’s and 90’s. James Zada cites legendary crooner George Michael as a significant inspiration for his sound and philosophy. The influence is subtle, as each artist was shaped by similar oriigns. Both men grew up in the same county of Hertfordshire, England.

Throughout the album James Zada infuses his pop with smooth jazz vibes (“You Are My Woman”, “Midnight in Venice”), Latin soul “Somebody U Used to Love”, and classic dance grooves (“Blue Forest”, “The Dawn Awakes”).  He lends his smooth tenor to a chill Roxy Music vibe on tracks like “Diamond Love” and some big 90s heartbreak on tracks like “Sarah” and the emotional title track ballad.

"..songs like "Blue Forest" reveal my beliefs about a spiritual place that we can escape to from the increasing pressures of this cruel physical world. As the lyrics say....the answer is, and was, and always will be LOVE."
James Zada Drops Classic Pop Vibes on New LP 'The Guy With No Name' 1
James Zada

Check out The Guy with No Name in its entirety below, or listen on your favorite streaming service. You can also hear the song “Dance Now” on the Deep Indie Dance & Electronic playlist. Follow the links below to connect with James Zada. Get on his socials and dig into a deep catalog of original music.