AllGood’s Lo-Fi World Tour


Allgood is the professional name of veteran composer, producer, and record label owner Halgurd Hussein. The Dutch beatmaker’s musical journey started in 2007 when he first explored the world of digital recording and began remixing pop and hip-hop hits. Soon he was making beats for rappers and began working at a local recording studio where he honed his craft under the tutelage of world renowned producer NeverTheLess (Extince, Brainpower).

Halgurd made his solo professional recording debut as Allgood in 2019. He chose the moniker for its similar pronunciation to his own first name. Since his debut the prolific producer has released five full length albums and a dozen solo singles. He has also appeared on a number of collaborations and compilations.

LoFi Beats (World Tour) is a recent album from Allgood, available worldwide via all major streaming services. Halgurd collaborated with producers from around the world on the LP. The twelve-song set is a collection of vibey lo-fi, chill-hop and jazz-hop grooves from a master of the genre. The record is a perfect companion for late night study sessions, or lazy weekend chilling.

In keeping with the theme of the album title, each track is named after the hometown of the featured artist. From the dreamy vocal groove of “Burnie” to the sleepy piano of “San Leandro”, Allgood creates a hypnotic international vibe. We get a touch of Motown soul in “Detroit” and a bit of old-school hip-hop infused piano jazz from “Helsinki”.

The musical road trip finds electric piano moods in “Haifa” and “Quilpué” and a cool cinematic piano soundtrack in cities like “Paris” and “Isabela”. When in “Rome” we dive into a groovy bit of psychedelia. It’s a great way to get lost.

In addition to producing a deep catalog of excellent lo-fi, Halgurd recently launched ChilledPunks records, along with four other local musicians. Allgood has clocked millions of streams since his debut. His music is currently featured on a number of Spotify editorial playlists.

Check out LoFi Beats (World Tour) below. You can also hear both “Rome” and “Paris” on the Deep Indie Chill playlist. We had the chance to chat with Halgurd about his music. Check out his answers to our 8 questions below. And follow the links at the end of this article to connect with the artist.


8 Questions With Allgood


Where are you from? 

Netherlands, Almere

How long have you been making music? 

Since 2007

Who are the musicians involved in your project? 

muun, kanimayo, calicronk, jake jurant, bad scientist, SYNC.EXE, Jokujekku.

Who are your biggest musical influences?

moods, saib, J-Dilla, Dr Dre. Hans zimmer

What is your greatest non-musical influence?

Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Alan Watts.

What inspired you to create this project?

I had the idea to collaborate with different artists from around the world, and name the song title: the city they come from.

What are your plans for the future (musically)?

I am starting an independent label called: ChilledPunks with 4 local producers and bringing a good vibe.

Is there anything else you would like to say?

Keep an eye out on my Spotify artist page or instagram for my next album: “Another Workday”