Black Iris – Heart Abuser

black iris

Black Iris is a new collaborative original musical project who made their professional recording debut in 2022. The Dublin, Ireland based team of veteran musicians works with an international roster of musicians to bring their songs to life. Their sound is a genre-fluid mix of pop, rock and dance elements.

In the few months since their debut, the prolific producers have released four singles. They have connected with hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide with popular tracks like “Child” and “Mirage”. They cite a wide range of musical styles as inspiration, from classical to rock, electronic, and video game soundtracks.

“Heart Abuser” is the debut single from Black Iris, available worldwide via all major streaming services. Mellow synthwave keys open the track as a female vocalist steps to the mic. A live ensemble of guitars, keys, bass, and drums lays down a disco-infused organic house groove as the singer offers an open letter of support and inspiration to a creative partner.

"The song was inspired by the naysayers, the people who did not want us to explore our potential. Yet we found out that the real challenge was not their noise, but the amount of dedication that art requires."
Black Iris - Heart Abuser 1
Black Iris

Check out the new “Heart Abuser” lyric video below. You can also hear the track on the Deep Indie Dance playlist, or listen on your favorite streaming service. Follow the links below to connect with Black Iris. Their fifth single “Chill With Me” drops on July 7, 2023. Get on their profiles and get in the loop.

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