J-Surreal Drops New Alt/Hip-hop Soul

J-Surreal Drops New Alt/Hip-hop Soul 1

J-Surreal is a veteran recording artist and producer who has been dropping soulful beats from Central California for more than twenty years. He has amassed a voluminous catalog in that time. In the last three years alone, the prolific producer released eleven albums and nearly two dozen singles of new and previously recorded material.

His sound is a chilled mix of alternative hip-hop and soul. Raised in the Bay area and now based in the Central Valley, J-Surreal is a native Californian whose music reflects both the laid-back vibe and rich musical history of The Golden State. This month he dropped his third LP of the year.

Give Me That is the brand new album from J-Surreal,  released worldwide via all major streaming services on July 12, 2023. From the synthwave vibes and lo-fi beat of “Older” to the 90’s Deathrow hip-hop meets 60’s Motown soul of the album closer “Self Control”, the fourteen-song set is a chilled and funky ride through a world of hip-hop infused soul grooves. 

Throughout the record, J-Surreal weaves together genres old and new. Tracks like “No Need For You Now” and “Make Me Feel” add elements of jazz, while “Lift Me Up” and “Don’t Go” add a bit of Latin guitar to the mix. He lays down a 90’s trip-hop vibe on “Take Me” and then turns to a very modern phonk beat on “Seeing Through You”.

The versatile composer cites iconic artist/producers like Prince and Timbaland as inspiration for his sound. We can hear the influence of the former on the Minneapolis funk of tracks like “Baby”, the latter on steamy r&b groove “Blueberry Smile”, and both on slow jams like “Too Late”. However, through all of the stylistic nods and beat manifestations, there is a singularly soulful and funky thread that ties these songs together into a cohesive whole.

"When I create an album I make several songs. I then select the best out of the bunch. For example, I created thirty or-so songs for this album, and narrowed it down to fourteen. Working and creating to be better is what inspires me."
J-Surreal Drops New Alt/Hip-hop Soul 2

Check out Give Me That in its entirety below, or listen on your favorite streaming service. You can also hear the title track on the Deep Dive : Hip-hop and R&B playlist, and the song “Self Control” on Deep Dive : Chill. Follow the links below to connect with J-Surreal.

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