Angry Saints’ Hilarious Take Down Of Cinnamon Hitler

Regular readers of The Static Dive may recognize the name Angry Saints. The Madrid band appeared here earlier this month upon the release of their single, “Argyria.” That song was a fun post-Punk rocker that landed stylistically somewhere between The Clash and Our Lady Peace. The international group features members from England, Australia and Spain and they specialize in clever, topical Rock & Roll.

“Cinnamon Hitler” is the band’s latest release and it is both very topical and very rocking. The song rolls on an up-tempo groove that brings to mind some of Pearl Jam’s punkier stuff. The members of Angry Saints (Ricardo – lead guitar, Carol – drums and vocals, Dave – bass and vocals, Lindsay – vocals and guitar) are all seasoned musicians playing at the top of their game. They move smoothly from hard-hitting power chord crunch to intricate melodic guitar/bass/drums syncopation.

Lyrically the track is a witty take down of America’s current cheeto-colored idiot in chief. The hilarious video uses Monty Python style cut and paste animation to put Trump, Hitler and the band members themselves into wonderfully ridiculous scenarios. Although the video is fun, it also tackles the very real threat that autocratic leaders pose to us all. This is smart stuff, and funny as hell.

Check out the video for “Cinnamon Hitler,” above.  You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Angry Saints. Get on their socials and keep in the know on all of their current and future projects, including some planned post-pandemic shows and new recordings.





Angry Saints on the Deep Indie Dive playlist

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