Munk Duane Funks It Up On The New “Fanblade”

Munk Duane is back to funk us up again. Regular readers of The Static Dive will recognize the name as that of the Boston based recording artist who brought us the sexy Prince-style confectionary jam “Sweet Tooth.” Munk is a multi-talented multi-instrumentalist with a style deeply rooted in late 60s and early 70s Soul and Pop. He mixes up the past with a healthy dose of future sounds to create a unique and infectious vibe.

It’s not just me who thinks so. Duane has been winning awards like it’s his job. Take the Video of the Year trophy he earned for his single “Another Day Another Bullet” at the 2019 New England Music Awards, for example. Earlier this year he struck a chord with thousands of new fans with his song “Dangerous” about his own battle with COVID-19.

“Fanblade” is Munk Duane’s latest single, released November 20, 2020 with a video premier on December 4. On the track he lays down a groove that lands stylistically somewhere between The Mothership and Paisley Park, and that is one funky neighborhood. It’s a vintage sound, complete with the crackle and pop of a record player. However, Munk captures that old school aesthetic with pristine modern production. Lyrically (without naming names) he calls out those who continue to self destructively follow corrupt leaders and negative energies.

He is joined on the recording by Steve Davis on bass and Matt Heisler on drums. Making her recording debut on “Fanblade” is Munk’s own daughter Zoe Jaye. A chip off the old block, Zoe is a talented vocalist currently in training with American Idol Top 10 finalist Erika Van Pelt. And in case you’re wondering how much cooler than you this 8 year-old actually is, here is a picture of her making beats on a vintage Roland in her father’s ‘Bad Stella Studios’ in Whitman, MA.

Zoe Jaye, Munk Duane
Zoe Jaye

Check out the video for “Fanblade,” above. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with the dynamic and sizable talent of Munk Duane. 







Munk Duane on the Deep Indie Dive playlist