Nomen Nescio Rocks Pride Before The Fall

Nomen Nescio is the professional name of Swedish music production team Robban Wahlberg and Mikey Svedberg. Regular readers of The Static Dive will recognize the band’s name. We featured their single “Ira” in October of this year. The song was the second installment in their 7DS series. They are releasing a series of songs, eventually culminating as the forthcoming concept album “7DS,” with each track representing one of the biblical ‘seven deadly sins.’

“Pride” is the latest single from Nomen Nescio, released November 27, 2020. The song, told in a first person narrative of the fallen angel’s own words, examines the most grievous sin of all. All Western religions and mythologies warn man not to place his own value above that of the gods. From the story of Icarus to the The Tower is Babel, history is rife with tales of pride going before the fall. 

On their new single, Nomen Nescio do it with a rocking industrial beat, Heavy Metal guitar and darkly ominous vocals. It is some heady and heavy stuff. Wahlberg and Svedberg are joined on the track by German guitarist Frank Pané (Bonfire, Sainted Sinners). Throughout the tune his crunching power chords and shredding solos add energy and tension to the drama.

Check out “Pride” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Click the links below to connect Nomen Nescio. Follow them on this journey of exploration into the nature of man, God, sin and salvation as they lead up to the release of the full 7DS album early in 2021.




Nomen Nescio on the Deep Indie Dive playlist

Frank Pané, Nomen Nescio
Frank Pané