BLACKPITCH – Stunning Sights & Sounds Of Allinputs

BLACKPITCH is an experimental electronic artist from Berlin, Germany. They debuted earlier this year with the hard techno track, “Divebomb.” A series of singles followed, each pushing the envelope further. Their music melds together analog, digital and found sounds into a wildly creative and distinctly unique vibe. This is future music, incorporating elements of Trip-Hop, Ambient, Pop and EDM.

“Allinputs” is the latest single and video from Blackpitch, released December 4, 2020. The track opens with a chaotic, robotic chord progression of synth arpeggios. Atmospheric effects swell on the periphery as a throbbing bass and creeping, Radiohead-esque beat enters the mix. A disembodied voice haunts the sound. As the groove progresses, its elements morph slowly in unison, driving the song further into the surreal.

The song’s accompanying video matches the music in esoteric themes and imagery, which is simultaneously beautiful and grotesque. The film depicts a sort of 21st century Metropolis setting. Drone-like workers shuffle through an industrial hallway only to ultimately be confined in their innumerable and identical cubicles. However, there is a ghost in the machine. The system begins to decay as nature conquers their synthetic environment. Both the song and film are mesmerizing.

This is a propulsive creep to the machine‚Äôs stuttering, malfunctioning heart. Unfolding like an ascent from abysmal depths to an inky and sunless sky…

Megan Allcock, Alex Batty, Jed Mikolaites, Matt Lord, Adam Smith, Jennifer Wong and Dan Woodward.

Check out the video for “Allinputs,” above. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with BLACKPITCH and Creative Arthur (the video production team). Get on their socials and get in the loop on all of the current and future project from these visionary artists.






BLACKPITCH on the Deep Indie Dive playlist