Jackie Apostel – The Dark Pop & Deep Soul Of a Woman Scorned

Jackie Apostel is a Brazilian artist stepping into the spotlight on her own after working behind the scenes as a songwriter for major artists in both English and her native Portuguese. Over the past three years she has released a handful of singles, including “Let U Down” which appeared here on The Static Dive in May. Now the multi-talented musician has dropped her debut EP.

“The Reformation” is the brand new 7 song collection from Jackie Apostel, released December 18, 2020. The record showcases both her sizable talent and versatile style, with songs ranging modern Indie-Pop to Doo-wop and Trap Rock. Jackie’s striking beauty is matched only by her powerfully soulful voice, found front and center on the record’s lead-off single, the downtempo Dark Pop, “Sad.” 

The video opens with a voicemail message from the subject of the song, a man delivering an insincere apology, and the empty promise, “I can change for you, I’m different now.” A heavy downtempo beat ushers in the track. The slow percussive rhythm and a very cool backward piano track give the song a Trip-hop feel. Ethereal synths and samples in the periphery add to the tune’s slightly psychedelic vibe.

Vocally, Jackie delivers a powerful performance that is equal parts Amy Winehouse soul and scorned-woman attitude. She sings, “You’re happy when I’m sad, glad when I’m mad.” Clearly she is done with it, and she is done with him. It’s a universally relatable tale, told by an immensely talented songwriter and singer.

Check out the video for “Sad,” below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below the video to connect with Jackie Apostel. Get on her socials and dig into “The Reformation.”





Jackie Apostel on the Deep Indie Dive playlist

Jackie Apostel
Jackie Apostel