SunniFaye Can Be Your Sunshine

SunniFaye is an aspiring singer and model from Berkley, Michigan, a city just outside of Detroit. Although she has been writing music for a decade now, the 25 year-old just recently released her first single, “Can Be Your Sunshine.” The young artist has cultivated a unique sound and style. There is a theatrical element to SunniFaye’s aesthetic. In both visual and musical presentation, she projects an image that is sexy without being overtly sexualized. Taking cues from artists as wide ranging as Taylor Swift and Eartha Kitt, this image of flash with class is intentional. 

What inspired me to create this project was the need for more good musical artist who dont have to curse or be sexually derogatory on every track. My music makes me feel like I’m a part of the new but old wave.


“Can Be Your Sunshine” is a smooth mix of musical styles from Pop to Hip-hop. The track opens with the Jazzy combination of R&B electric piano and some Island vibe percussion. As a funky 808 best enters the mix, SunniFaye delivers scenes of summer fun and young love. She flows easily between a Pop vocal and melodic rap delivering clever lines like, “I just need infinite money and time.”

Check out “Can Be Your Sunshine” on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. SunniFaye has big plans for the future including performing live video shows and music writing for movies and TV. Click the links below to connect with the artist and follow her as she embarks on this journey.






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SunniFaye on the Deep Indie Beat playlist