Mike Freund’s Good Vibes And Crooked Teeth for 2021

Mike Freund first appeared on The Static Dive in August upon the release of his single “Dust” from the 2020 album, “In Between, Vol. 1 (Acoustic).” Originally from New Jersey, Mike has lived in South Carolina for many years. He and his band are a well known commodity among the Blues and Rock loving community in Charleston. A singer and songwriter since childhood, Mike also maintains a successful solo acoustic side project with three albums under his belt, and more music on the way.

On New Year’s Day 2021, Mike Freund will release his latest single, “Crooked Teeth.” The song is exactly the message we need right now. We’d all like to forget 2020. We never will. But if we take Mike’s advice maybe we can make tomorrow a better day. He opens the new year with the line, “Turn around, get yourself a new perspective.” What follows is four and a half minutes of self-empowering positivity.

“Crooked Teeth” is a mellow, downtempo bit of Americana. It’s an easy groove of acoustic and electric guitars, bass, drums and organ. Mike has a cool, laid back confidence in his voice as he encourages us to live our best lives. No matter where you are in life, no matter your story, put this song on repeat for a while. Too tall? Too short? Scared? Relax. Smell the roses. Or as Mike says, “Dance to your own drum beat. You’re gonna be alright.”

When I wrote “Crooked Teeth” my daughter had just gotten braces. She was insecure about how they made her look.  I wanted her to know that she is beautiful no matter what. I needed her to know that life is better when we don’t sweat the little things.

Mike Freund

Follow the links below to connect with Mike Freund. “Crooked Teeth” will be available everywhere January 1, 2021. Click HERE to pre-save it. You can also listen to the track below. “Give your troubled heart a rest.”


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Mike Freund