Faster Than Light – Fresh New Psychedelia From The Static Dive

Faster Than Light
artwork by @50stressballs

I’m taking a break from talking about other people’s music for a minute to let you know that I’ve released a new single. If you follow my music at all, you know that I am consistently inconsistent. My stuff is very genre-fluid. With The Distractions I put out Alternative Rock, singer-songwriter stuff. Since 2019 I’ve released all of my solo work as The Static Dive. Most of it is instrumental, with styles ranging from Trip-Hop to Deep House and Lo-fi to Ambient.

A couple of The Static Dive songs have vocals. Built for Better Days was an EP I made in 2018. I pulled it from the streaming services in 2020, but it’s still available on BandCamp. I released a remix of the title track last year to Spotify. I also sang on the song “Slipstream” which was a collaboration with my friend Equalisation. Those were the exceptions, until now. I’ve started 2021 off with a brand new sound that combines the electronic experimentation of my solo work with the Alt Rock vibe of The Distractions. The result is a groovy bit of psychedelia.

Faster Than Light” is the lastest single by The Static Dive, released to all the major streaming services on January, 15 2021. I’m playing all the instruments, singing all the sings, mixing all the mixes. I’m really happy with it and have heard good things so far. Also, there is a killer guitar solo at the end. Anyway, check it out. Click all the links. Play all the songs. Make me famous.

The Static Dive – Faster Than Light

Faster Than Light on the Deep Indie Dive playlist

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