Kev Gray And The Gravy Train – Winter Is Coming

We first heard from Kev Gray and The Gravy Train last month upon the release of the single, “2020 Love Song.” That track looked at the unique circumstance of new love in the COVID era. As it turns out, the record was a precursor to the forthcoming “anti-COVID” album, “Time to Live Again.” Gray is a British singer/songwriter who splits his time between the UK and Japan. Over the years he has enjoyed popular success on both island nations. On the new album, his band the ‘Gravy Train’ consists of musicians from across the globe. Of course, given the circumstance of our modern world they are all working remotely.

In a world of separation, our message is MUSIC UNITES US.

Kev Gray

“Winter Is Coming” is the latest single from Kev Gray and The Gravy Train, released January 28, 2021. It too is a preview of the upcoming lockdown album. “2020 Love Song” was a smooth piano and acoustic guitar duet in a modern Pop ballad style. Gray sets the new track to an American Western vibe. Acoustic guitar, bass, drums harmonica and a Hammond organ create a cool rolling groove. Meanwhile Kev sings a tale of lost love and regret. The track has a soulful, rustic and mournful feel until it takes a more modern Pop turn near the end. Gray says, “The song is a haunting warning from a spurned lover on the edge of a meltdown.”

This time around, Kev Gray and The Gravy Train consists of a world-wide team of musicians, engineers, and videographers from 10 countries. They recorded, mixed and mastered the track online over the past 8 months. The band hails from ; America, England, Japan, Poland, The Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Singapore and Australia. Check out the song, below. You can also hear it on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Kev Gray and the Gravy Train. Get in the loop on all they have in store, including the forthcoming album “Time to Live Again.”







Kev Gray and The Gravy Train on the Deep Indie Dive playlist

Kev Gray and the Gravy Train