Blind Season’s Deceptively Upbeat Unlucky Charm

Regular readers of The Static Dive may remember the name Blind Season. The band debuted in November of last year with their single, “The Dark Bedroom.” That song represented the successful completion of a long journey for the Alternative Rock group. That is especially true for front man and guitarist Shane Sigro. As the founder of the band, he saw it through creative and personal differences and numerous personnel changes.

Now a stable three-piece unit, Blind Season is producing a steady stream of great work. “Unlucky Charm” is one the band’s most recent singles. The track is both a catchy Indie-Pop song and a darkly complex Alt-Rock examination of guilt. 

Lyrically the song looks in hindsight at a poorly handled situation, from the perspective of the offender. Sigro sings about a romantic relationship in which one party routinely and habitually underappreciated the other. Ironically, this dark and emotionally complex subject matter is set to a really upbeat and infinitely catchy melody. But that unlikely pairing works perfectly at the heart of a song that makes the same kind of crafty musical mix of bubbly Pop and heavy Riff-Rock.

The verse rolls on a classic College Rock/Alt-Pop groove. In the chorus, Sigro steps on the distortion pedal and the drummer opens up his hi-hats for a big 90’s Alt-Rock chorus. All three members of the band are excellent players and they take full advantage of the freedom a three-piece arrangement affords them, with intricate melodic and rhythmic interplay between them.

Check out the lyric video for “Unlucky Charm,” below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Blind Season and stay in the loop on this talented band’s new lease on life.






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