Alex Genadinik’s Tragic Love Story “Enchanting Woman”

Alex Genadinik is a successful entrepreneur, business consultant and singer/songwriter with a penchant for classical guitar and traditional folk music. By day he runs the consulting and online marketing firm, Problemio. Through his work he helps online entrepreneurs best market their products in our modern economy. In his free time he picks up his guitar and sings love songs which he distributes via his YouTube channel.

“Enchanting Woman” is the latest song from Alex Genadinik, released February 2, 2021. Inspired by and translated in-part from a piece by Russian poet Bulat Okudzhava, the tune is a classic and tragic love story. The protagonist and narrator tells a tale of a woman of otherworldly beauty. He falls deeply in love with her, only to lose her as she passes back into the ether from whence she came. Our hero is left to write love letters to her in the clouds, never to see her again as he grows old and grey.

Musically the track features Alex’s slowly strummed nylon string guitar. He picks a minor-key chord progression of arpeggios, accompanied by subtle ambient synths and a sorrowful cello. Meanwhile he sings his tragic story in a soft spoken tenor. In both his performance and in the tragic nature of the story, the song brings to mind the late great Canadian singer and poet, Leonard Cohen.

Listen to “Enchanting Woman,” below. Follow the links below the video to connect with the versatile and talented Alex Gedaninik. Stay in the loop on all of his current and future projects in both music and business.

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