Fading Echoes & Camille K’s New Heartbreak

fading echoes & camille K

We first heard from Fading Echoes in October of last year upon the release of their single “Beautiful Stranger.” That song introduced us to the songwriting and recording team of Mark Benedetto (vox/bass guitar) and Matthew Glogau (Lead vocals/guitar). The Southern New Jersey duo formed the band back in 2008. Since then they have seen other members come and go, but the two founders have carried on.

Since their inception Fading Echoes have released 3 full length albums, an EP and 5 singles. Their latest is the track “Heartbreak,” and this time Mark and Matthew are joined by Philly-based vocalist and guitarist, Camille K. In another gig, she sings and plays guitar in the Pink Floyd tribute band Shine On. A mutual appreciation for the Psychedelic Rock legends brought her to the attention of Fading Echoes, and a collaboration was born.

“Heartbreak,” released on Valentine’s Day 2021, is an Indie Pop/Rock breakup song. As the band grooves on an Art-Rock inspired arrangement, Camille sings of leaving a toxic relationship. The song combines Classic Rock drums and guitars with Camille’s vocal which alternates between Blondie-style Alt-Pop melodies and Heart-like soulful wails. The band juggled COVID-related hindrances to record the track at Bob Bowling Audio Studio in Atco, NJ.

Check out the video for “Heartbreak,” below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Fading Echoes and Camille K. Get in the loop on all of the current and future projects from this talented group of musicians.

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