Indie Legacy Makes DIY Global Distro Easy

Indie Legacy is a brand new music industry services outlet designed specifically with independent musicians in mind. The Atlanta, Georgia based company is backed by a team of industry professionals with decades of experience in the business. The company offers a myriad of services for the DIY musician, including; project management, A&R consultation, artist development, publishing administration, marketing and promotion. However, at the heart of their offerings is the new DIY music distribution service at IndieLegacy.com.

IndieLegacy.com features easy to use tools for independent musicians to distribute their music to all major DSP’s like; Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon, Shazam, Pandora, Tik Tok and many more. The streamlined user interface allows artists to easily distribute their music, retain 100% ownership and keep 100% of the sales revenue. Unlike other similar services there are no recurring monthly fees. Each distribution is good for a lifetime and requires only a small one time payment (single $15, EP $30, album $50).

The folks at IndieLegacy.com asked me to give the site a test drive, and I must say I like what I have seen so far. Once I signed up for an account I was immediately dropped into the Dashboard. The clean and simple user interface made it easy to navigate through the process. I was there to release a single so I clicked ‘New Release’ and got down to business. From there I navigated through the easy 4 screen step-by-step process.

I was also able to associate my band with the correct Spotify and Apple Music profiles. Anyone who has ever had a song end up on another artist’s Spotify profile knows what a headache that can be to clean that up.

Indie Legacy Makes DIY Global Distro Easy 5

And that was it, easy peasy. Now, The Distractions’ song “Saturday Afternoon” will be distributed to dozens of services worldwide for a May 1, 2021 release. 

As part of their distribution service Indie Legacy also offers analytics tools. You can monitor your release’s spins and the money you’re making. And all of that money goes directly to you, disbursed to your Paypal account.

The team at Indie Legacy set out to create a transparent and user-friendly distribution option for indie artists. By all observations, they have done exactly that. The site also provides DIY musicians easy access to industry pros with decades of experience. IndieLegacy.com could be a valuable resource in your DIY music arsenal. Check them out. Follow the links below to connect with Indie Legacy.

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