Adrian Javon’s Soulful New “What It Seems”

adrian javon

Adrian Javon is a multi-talented, multifaceted artist from Los Angeles, California. A professional photographer and cinematographer, Adrian came to music recently. He debuted in 2017 with a series of viral videos in which he sang 90’s R&B covers. 

The singer’s star rose quickly over the next 4 years as he released a series of singles as well as two EPs. His talents in all forms of creative media have brought him to work with artists like Janelle Monae, Lil Wayne, Trevor Jackson and more. As an artist he believes in utilizing film, photography, music, and dance to create an everlasting impression on his audience.

“What it Seems” is the latest record from Adrian Javon, released to all major streaming services on March 22, 2021. The five song EP brings us into Adrian’s chill Alternative R&B world. This is music with a Hip-hop heartbeat and a Neo-soul cool vibe. Soulful lead vocals are backed by smooth, Boyz II Men style multi-part harmonies.

The record opens with the title track, a mellow Soul groove with thoughtful and philosophical lyrics. Javon and special guest Sham 1016 sing and rap about the futility of the surface pleasures and pains of life. Since nothing is really what it seems, we have to free our minds to be truly free. The song is a cool, psychedelic chillout. “Don’t Give Me Up” follows and the mellow vibes continue on the classic R&B slow jam.

“Come and Get It” heats up the seduction with its slow and sexy groove. The last two songs are of a theme. Each is a sort of breakup song. On “Am.I.Crazy” we listen as a relationship is falling apart. The singer is sad but also confused and angry. On the flip side, “CRUEL” is a post-mortem. Adrian is looking back more thoughtfully than on the previous track. This time with a sort of melancholy acceptance.

From beginning to end, “What it Seems” is a smooth and jazzy Soul chill-out. It’s also a lot of fun to listen to. Check out the really creative “Am.I.Crazy” video below. You can also hear the track “What it Seems” on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Adrian Javon. Get on his socials and get in the loop on all of the creations this exciting artist has on the horizon. 






Adrian Javon on the Deep Indie playlists

adrian javon