Logan Alexandra’s Hopeful & Nostalgic 4 Years

logan alexandra

We first heard from Logan Alexandra in September upon the release of her single “Next Girl.” With that Alt-Pop tale of a philandering player, the LA-based Scottsdale, Arizona native introduced us to her unique style and keen Pop sensibilities. Since her 2019 debut, the prolific singer/songwriter has released a string of successful Indie hits. Her latest is an infectious bit of Pop nostalgia.

“4 Years” is the latest single from Logan Alexandra, released worldwide to all major streaming services on April 23, 2021. With a pristine Pop production the artist mixes acoustic and electronic elements into a catchy yet emotionally impactful look back at her formative years. The 21 year-old singer recently graduated from college. That event prompted her to think back to when she was just 17 and preparing for her high school graduation commencement. The song is the perfect summer anthem for students everywhere, preparing to begin the next chapter of their lives. 

While we are in school our lives seem to be in this cycle of finding ourselves in order to be ready for the next 4 years or step in our lives. I hope that people relate to this feeling and are able to listen as they take on the next chapter in their lives.

Logan Alexandra

The official music video for “4 Years” features teen star Piper Rockelle, her crew and recording artists/viral social media stars SM6. The short film perfectly captures both the song’s upbeat feel and its hint of melancholy with VHS scenes of teenage revelry and heartfelt farewells. Check out the video below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Logan Alexadra as she embarks on the next 4 years of her musical journey.






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