SnapDibz Plans New “Backwards in My Head”

We first heard from SnapDibz in January upon the release of their single “Done Believing.” With that track, the duo introduced us to their deeply emotional, genre-bending style. Based in Chicago with roots in Georgia and Louisiana, the team of singer/lyricist Snap and DJ/producer Dibz got their start working house parties in Shreveport. They eventually made their way to Dibbs’ hometown of Chicago and hit the recording studio.

Since 2017 SnapDibz has released a steady string of original material, including over a dozen singles in the past year. Prior to the pandemic they had performed some high profile gigs including the ‘Get Money Stop Hatin Tour’ stop in Chicago and a spot on the XMA award show. They look forward to more live shows once the world opens back up. Until then, the prolific partners continue to produce Indie Pop/Hip-hop hits.

“Backwards in My Head” is the upcoming single from SnapDibz due to drop on March 25, 2021. The new song finds the group tackling the difficult subject of depression from a first person perspective. The track rolls on a mellow Hip-hop beat and a melodic, minor-key guitar chord progression for an Emo Trap groove. Vocally the song alternates between a soulful lead vocal and Snap dropping clever rhymes and wordplay for a powerful emotional impact paired with an infectious hook.

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