Matt Reilly’s New Synth-Pop For Solo Bass

We first heard from Matt Reilly in April upon the release of his single “error_thought/unknown.” With that track we were introduced to a talented songwriter, producer and bassist with the skill and versatility to traverse multiple musical genres including Synthwave, Mainstream Pop/Rock and Metal.

As an in-demand professional musician in Los Angeles, Matt has worked with a long list of A-list talent as well as up and coming artists. From high profile recording session work, to his gig as Avril Lavigne’s bass player and his work as producer and bassist for the Sacramento, CA Hard Rock band “Grave Mistake,” Reilly’s résumé is a testament to an exceptional talent. As is the case with musicians across the world, the past year provided Matt with some unwanted downtime. However he turned that silence into music with a series of instrumental solo releases.

“Synonym For Isolation” is the latest single from Matt Reilly, released May 11, 2021. On the track Matt returns to the 80’s inspired, retro-synth meets bass solo motif of his previous release “error_thought/unknown.” However, where that track is painted with a broad cinematic brush, “Synonym For Isolation” goes straight for the funk. The rhythm track captures a classic, early-80’s Prince vibe with its one-two drum machine beat and plenty of P-Funk inspired synths. Reilly keeps the bass guitar at center stage with some slick leads and a cool distorted tone.

Check out “Synonym For Isolation” below. You can also hear the track on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Matt Reilly. Get on his socials and get in the loop on the many musical projects from this talented and prolific musician.








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