Sean Waterman’s Brilliant New “Devices”

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Sean Waterman is a singer/songwriter with a unique Indie-Pop vibe that draws from multiple genres and a deep emotional well. A native of Brooklyn, New York, Sean originally fell into music by chance when a music lessons flyer and his mother’s encouragement prompted him to pick up the guitar while still in grade school. At the age of 14 the young musician moved South with his family to Atlanta, Georgia. There he picked up a pen and started writing words to the music he was composing.

The singer made his professional debut in 2011 with the four song EP “Dividing Lines.” In the decade since he has written a number of songs. He wrote and composed songs for legendary Southern Jazz singer Ann Caldwell and has released a handful of his own solo singles. Sean’s distinct style combines his Indie-Folk/Pop acoustic guitar and vocal compositions with elements of Electronic, Rock, Pop and Jazz music. He counts a diverse list of songwriters as influences, including; Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Michael Jackson, and Bob Marley.

“Devices’ ‘ is the forthcoming full length album from Sean Waterman, scheduled for worldwide release on June 18, 2021. The 9 song collection is an excellent showcase for this talented songwriter’s unique mix of poetic wordplay in personal narratives set to genre-bending Alt-Pop. Each song on “Devices” finds Sean and his guitar at the heart of the mix. Meanwhile, the record’s wildly creative production paints the edges of that sound with vibes from across the spectrum of popular music. 

Throughout the album Sean delivers tales of love, loss, hope and the confusion inherent to interpersonal relationships. Both musically and lyrically he blurs the lines between the real and imagined while drawing connection between the organic and digital. On tracks like “Bodies” and “Devices,” the song titles alternately reference both human and machine. With lines like, “Tiny microbes running through my bones. Never felt this kind of static at home,” he uses poetic visual imagery to draw connections between emotions, objects and experiences. Meanwhile electronic synths and percussion float in the periphery.

Elsewhere on the album Sean summons the jazz-infused sound of the great 70’s singer/songwriters. On tracks like “Swerve” and “Blue” his sound brings to mind the early work of greats like Joni Mitchell and Van Morrison. Back in the day they would strum their guitars as Jazz musicians jammed all around them. In Sean Waterman’s case, those musicians are sometimes playing Jazz, sometimes classical and sometimes they are robots laying down Radiohead style avant-garde electronics. The one constant is the singer at the heart of the sound, strumming his guitar and emptying his soul.

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