Jon Bernys’ Hypnotic Harmony in Motion

Jon Bernys
Photo by Madi Koesler

Jon Bernys is a multidisciplinary, multi-talented artist from Wekiwa Springs in the suburbs of Orlando, Florida. As a poet, painter, musician and podcaster he molds multiple media into transformative experimental artworks. Bernys is a complicated artist. Although he is a self described recluse, he makes his creations with the expressed intent of connecting with others. He says, “The reason I create this media and art is to not only inspire people to make their own art but also to help heal people.”

Four years ago, while still in high school Jon began creating music. Inspired by avant-garde Classical, Rock and Jazz musicians like Morton Feldman, Shawn Lane and Sun Ra, Bernys began composing his own exploratory pieces. His music uses found sounds, original performances and sampled sources to create complex meditations on surreal themes. This is sound as performance art. Jon uses each auditory component as another color in his palette.  

“Harmony in Motion” is a recently released piece by Jon Bernys. The 23:03 track is an experimental, instrumental exploration of familiar melodies and abstract sound. Bernys plays the piano and is accompanied by a sampled “singing saw” (a musical saw played with a bow). The two instruments play off of one another to create a surreal aural image.

The melodic anchor of the track is a riff on the “The First Noel.” However, Bernys uses that familiar tune only as an occasional refrain. The two instruments improvise and reinvent the sound into a hypnotic new creation. There are some particularly creative departures at both the 10 and 20 minute marks in which the song breaks down to an avant-garde Jazz piano improvisation. We then return to the ethereal sounds of the singing saw.

I was inspired to make this song to try and mold this huge reverberated cacophony to truly create a transcendental effect on the listeners.

Jon Bernys

Listen to “Harmony in Motion” below. You can also hear the track on the Deep Indie Chill playlist. Follow the links below the video to connect with Jon Bernys. Check out his website. Dive into the rich portfolio of multimedia content from this uniquely talented artist.

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