Nile Flame’s New Ode To Self Reliance – Nobody Looking

nile flame

Nile Flame is an interesting cat. A self proclaimed nomad, he was born in Philadelphia but raised in the Atlanta region. After travelling with his band Majestic Bohemians in his teens he joined the military and travelled the world. Although he is now based in Orlando, Florida he considers himself a citizen of the world with no fixed point or hometown. Travel has become a central theme in his life and identity.

Traveling and venturing is who I am and being a nomad I have realized is a huge part of my identity.

Nile Flame

Now working as a solo artist, Nile Flame has turned his music career into something more. Regular readers of The Static Dive will remember we featured his ‘Majestic Gang’ website in December. There he offers audio and video of his new music as well as philosophy and life advice from a man who has seen some things. Visitors to the website can subscribe to the Majestic Gang to receive exclusive member-only content.

“Nobody Looking” is the latest single and video from Nile Flame, released to his website on June 6, 2021. Musically the song mixes a hard Hip-hop beat with a big cinematic Pop sound. Lyrically the track is a testament to self reliance. Nile rhymes about his struggle, including years of surviving on his own with no assistance. The song’s powerful chorus features a choir of children singing, “I still get my bread when nobody looking. I still make my bed when nobody looking.”

The “Nobody Looking” video showcases Nile Flame’s nomadic life as a chronicle of his travels from the NYC subway to the beaches of sunny Florida. Check it out below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. Follow the links below the video to connect with Nile Flame and the Majestic Gang. Get on his website and dig into some interesting, educational and entertaining content.