Kizkrash’s New ‘The Rodent’ Takes Tyrants To Task

artwork by MayleyCazmar

We first heard from Kizkrash in June of this year upon the release of his single “YOLO.” That track introduced us to Keegan McBride, a multi-talented songwriter, producer and rapper with an fearless approach to his art. His music takes chances. The California native has spent the last three years exploring the deep, grungy electronic vibes of Dubstep music. However, he never lets himself be pigeonholed into any single genre and frequently mixes his deep bass grooves with elements of Hip-hop, Pop and Rock.

I enjoy making really trashy sounding bass music and sometimes melodic, atmospheric sounds as well. 


Over time Keegan has worked under a few different titles before ultimately deciding upon his current moniker. In early 2020 the artist formerly known as Bam Bam and Baminboy dropped “Sabotage,” his debut single as Kizkrash. Since then, the prolific producer has released nearly two dozen more singles on multiple platforms. “The Rodent” is the artist’s latest single, released worldwide to YouTube and SoundCloud on July 5, 2021.

Written, produced and rapped by the artist, the song is a commentary on the tyrants of the world who mistreat and disrespect their people for the benefit of their own pockets. The track rolls on an appropriately angry groove. A hard kick drum beat meets a raw analog synth bass to give the tune a cool Industrial/Dubstep hybrid feel as Kizkrash raps, “You get respect when you give respect.” Check out “The Rodent” below. Follow the links below the video to connect with Kizkrash. Get on his profiles and check out his website. Get in the loop on all of the new music coming from this exciting, talented and productive young artist. 

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