The Static Dive & Kilo House’s Wild New Collab

Kilo House & The Static Dive

The Static Dive and Kilo House drop a new multi-genre, cross-continental collaboration. “Mezzo Nuovo Blues (Kilo House Remix)” is the new single from the two cutting edge producers. With its wild mix of Heavy Bass EDM beats and organic Trip-Hop/Blues instrumentation, the track carves an entirely new niche in the world of experimental electronic music.

Kilo House has been a well known name in the EDM world since his 2016 debut. Known for hard Bass Trap grooves and dark, horror film themed experimental electronic music, the Los Angeles producer has built a broad international fan base. In addition to making his own music, the prolific creator regularly works with other artists; mixing, mastering and producing. In early 2021 his friend Bob asked him to take a look at a sleepy little Trip-hop track.

The Static Dive is the professional name of singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist producer and music blogger, Bob Smith. From his laboratory in Upstate New York, Bob creates genre-fluid analog and electronic hybrids. After releasing a string of downtempo instrumentals he asked his friend Kilo to remix one particular Blues-infused bit of psychedelia. What he got back was a complete reinvention of the tune. The reimagined “Mezzo Nuovo Blues (Kilo House Remix)” is a high-octane banger. The song’s original trippy Blues guitar and keyboard riffs were married to a deep, heavy uptempo EDM Bass assault.

Mezzo Nuovo Blues (Kilo House Remix)” is already blowing up across multiple streaming platforms since its July 16 release. Check it out below and add it to your playlist. Follow the links below the song to connect with both artists. The two are already planning their next collaboration and both have new music on the way. Kilo House is currently putting the final touches on his forthcoming album “DEATHTRVP,” and on August 20 Bob will drop the single “The Refrain,” his first release under a newly signed recording contract with German label FBP Music Group.

“Mezzo Nuovo Blues (Kilo House Remix)” is available right now
wherever you dig your tunes.

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