Shadow Valley’s New Rockabilly Dracula

shadow valley

Shadow Valley is a three-piece band from El Paso, Texas with an adventurous spirit and a  taste for all things Rock & Roll. The band originally formed back in 2015 and began gigging around their hometown. They made their professional recording debut in 2018 with the EP “Enter the Valley.” That record introduced an eclectic trio who are equally adept at multiple Rock & Roll styles; from Heavy Metal thunder to old-school hardcore Punk. 

The band followed that first EP with two singles last year; “From the Darkness” and “Farewell” and on June 27, 2021 they dropped their debut self-titled full-length album. The eponymous record features a little something for every Rock & Roll fan, from the old-school Punk of “Area 51” and “World We Live In” to the Metal riffing of tracks like “Into The Valley… We Dwell.” They even delve into some moody Cure-inspired Goth on songs like the opening track “Joy.”  

“Dracula” is the first single from that record and once again we find the Shadow Valley crew digging deep into their bag of guitar tricks for some classic Rockabilly. With a sound that brings to mind the Surf stylings of Duane Eddy and the Psycho-billy lunacy of NYC legends The Cramps, Shadow Valley delivers a rollicking ode to everyone’s favoite blood sucker.  

“Dracula” was the first song we made as a band. There is an Easter egg in the song at the end when the guitarist plays a part from a famous theme.

Shadow Valley

Check out “Dracula” below. You can also hear the track on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Shadow Valley. Get on their socials, follow their profiles and dig into the music of this talented and versatile band.

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