TheknowledgeGod Tries To Find Peace of Mind


We first heard from TheknowledgeGod (aka Tobia Phoenix) earlier this year upon the release of his single “81 Familia.” That track introduced us to a Los Angeles native, Atlanta transplant Hip-hop artist with a penchant for downtempo beats and smart, lyrical rhymes. The track looked back on his time coming up in LA and gave a shout out to the people who helped him along the way.

For the past three years TheknowledgeGod has delivered a steady string of singles. His music ranges from dark drill Trap to classic Boom Bap Hip-hop. “Peace of Mind” is the latest single from TheknowledgeGod, released worldwide on August 23, 2021. On the new track the rapper is once again remembering LA, but this time he has his sights set on the future.

“Peace of Mind” rides on a slow, old-school beat. Producer Othellobeats pairs that groove with some smooth, low bass tones. Ambient synths and trippy background effects paint the edges of the mix and give the track a chill, psychedelic slow jam vibe. With a laid-back flow TheknowledgeGod looks back at his upbringing as a foster kid in LA and how far he has come. He voices his determination to the grind and to find his peace of mind, no matter who tries to tear him down.

Coming up in Los Angeles as a foster kid prior ascending to godhood was always trying to find my way and find that peace. Along the way I fell a lot and lost some good people and good relationships because of what I lacked. Now I want to grow and share the thought process, feelings, experiences and all in my music.


Check out “Peace of Mind” below. And follow the links below the audio to connect with TheknowledgeGod. Get on his socials and get in the loop on all of the current and future projects from this talented and focused emcee.

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