Undurskin’s Dark Revenge Fantasy

Undurskin's Dark Revenge Fantasy 1

We first heard from Undurskin in October of last year upon the release of their single “Kill Me If You Can.” That track introduced us to the uniquely hard rocking UK duo of bassist/vocalist Mok Morris and drummer Andy Dawson. Between Dawson’s polyrhythmic assaults and Morris’ four string power chords, with only a two man roster the group rivals the power and technique of any larger group of guitar slinging metalheads. 

Since the release of “Kill Me if You Can” the band has dropped a series of similarly badass singles. Each release is another sted toward the release of their debut concept album “What Goes Around.” Due December 21, the double vinyl album will be accompanied by a 5000 word script and plenty of the group’s striking illustrated noir artwork. Following the album release the band will publish a full graphic novel which will tell the record’s story in detail.

“Scars” is the latest chapter in the “What Goes Around” saga. Released August 14, 2021 the song tells a dark and cryptic tale of love, loss and revenge. The record opens on a bed of ambient synths. However, that tranquil scene is soon disrupted by the low rumble of the bass guitar. Mok steps to the mic with the beginnings of a doomed love affair.

Andy enters the mix with a hard and heavy mid tempo groove. As the track progresses the dark fantasy grows more violent as the victim becomes the offender. The band matches that theme with increasing intensity as the song’s repeating riff builds with layers of harmonized and distorted bass chords and Heavy Metal double-kick drum thunder.

Check out “Scars” by Undurskin below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Undurkin. Get on their socials and their website to in the loop on all of the events leading up to the release of their epic debut album.

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