Zeela Readies New Multi-Genre Banger

Zeela Readies New Multi-Genre Banger 1

Zeela is the professional name of singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist producer Jay September. Born in Germany and raised in Switzerland, the international artist has traveled the world working as a drummer, DJ and producer from LA to Ibiza. He has shared the stage with Pop and Rock stars from around the world. His own Rap/Rock group Fensta played a number of high-profile gigs all over Europe.

In 2019 Zeela directed his efforts toward a solo career. The versatile creator composes, performs and records his music himself. Since his debut he has released four singles. The most recent being the pandemic inspired holiday song “Christmas On Facetime.” With its mix of upbeat Pop and Hip-hop beats the track was a showcase for the eclectic artist’s broad array of talent. This month he will release his first new music of 2021.

“Run Boy” is the brand new single from Zeela, set to drop everywhere on September 17, 2021. Once again, the talented producer delivers a multi-genre banger that is sure to connect with fans worldwide. The track opens on a groovy Glitch-hop beat paired with a rhythmic orchestral sample. Zeela steps to the mic first, for a fun melodic rap diss track. He takes the ‘boy’ of the title to task for stepping in where he is not wanted and putting on a show.

In the chorus “Run Boy” drops to a hard Trap beat and a smooth Pop melody. As the track progresses Zeela is joined by UK/Swiss female vocalist Naveni who slides between a soulful R&B vibe and funky cockney rhymes. The sampled strings from the intro remain at the heart of the tune throughout as syncopated beat and harmonized vocals paint the edges of the mix. It’s a cool groove with an infectious hook.

“Run Boy” will be available worldwide via all major streaming services on September 17, 2021. Follow the links below to connect with Zeela. Get on his socials and get in the loop on all of the current and future projects from this multifaceted artist.

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