PsychCloned’s New EP is Wild & Free


We first heard from PsychCloned in March of this year upon the release of his album “Sakura.” That record introduced us to Gabriel Pureco, a visionary musician and composer who specializes in cinematic instrumental music. Originally from Mexico, Gabriel grew up in North Carolina. He is an avid gamer, a fact that first inspired his interest in music. His first compositions were intended for a video game that a friend was developing. Although the game never came to fruition, the project launched a fruitful career in music.

After years of defining and refining his unique multi-genre sound, PsychCloned debuted in 2020 with the album “Melodrama.” The record featured a mixture of serene atmospheres and dark, moody melodies. The remarkably prolific producer followed with three more full length albums in less than a year. “Tumultuous,” “Sakura ” and “Showtime” each covered new ground and further solidified his unique mix of Classical, Prog-rock, Electronica and World Music. 

“Wild & Free ” is the brand new EP from PsychCloned, released worldwide to all major streaming services on September 15, 2021. The three song collection further expands the artist’s musical palette. The record opens on the title track. In true Pureco fashion the song moves through many musical moods. A melodic piano chord progression and conga drum intro meets sweeping orchestral strings. As the track progresses we move through cinematic scenes and Acid-Jazz experimentation. Horns, wild percussion and some really smoking guitar create an Art-Rock vibe that lands somewhere between Frank Zappa and Chicago.

“Moment of Truth” follows with a mix of staccato piano arpeggios and symphonic percussion. For the next 4:30 we travel through Pop grooves, Arena-Rock guitar and a bit of avant-garde electronic music. The track ends on an extended guitar solo featuring some impressive shredding. “Chasing Fate ” closes out the EP with a mellower vibe, alternating between a beautiful piano ballad and a nice Jan Hammer-style percussive synthwave interlude. The piece ends on an anthemic mix of strings, piano and guitar to close out another worthy entry into the rich PsychCloned catalog.

Check out “Wild & Free ” below or listen on your favorite streaming service. You can also hear the songs “Chasing Fate” on the Deep Indie Chill playlist and “Wild & Free ” on Deep Indie Jazz. Follow the links below to connect with PsychCloned (aka Gabriel Pureco). Get on his socials and get in the loop on all of the current and future projects from this exciting young composer.

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