Claire Allen Helps Conquer Trauma With Art

Claire Allen is a YouTuber, painter and professional photographer from the UK. On her channel she discusses the long term personal and psychological effects of trauma, with a particular focus on that resulting from domestic abuse. She draws on her own past experiences to help others understand their own minds and she shares with them her own coping techniques and lessons learned.

During COVID lockdown the multi-disciplinary artist decided to try her hand at songwriting. With an eye toward her own personal history she wrote a poem addressed to her own fear. Years earlier, Claire Allen was trapped in an abusive relationship with a violent and drug addicted partner. She details the tale in a confessional video (below). In it she explains how her fear was triggering a flight or fight response long after her violent ordeal had ended.

“All I Can Be” is the song resulting from Claire Allen’s exploration of the relationship she had with her fear. Co-written with and performed by her friend Rob, the emotional Folk song is paired in video with a slide show of the artist’s paintings. It is a powerfully emotional piece and an excellent introduction to an insightful new YouTube channel.

Watch the “All I Can Be” music video (above). Follow the links below to connect with Claire Allen. We all have experienced some trauma in our lives. Claire hopes that in watching her deeply personal and informative videos you may find some helpful techniques for conquering your own pain and fear.

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