Gigaknot’s Deep & Dark ‘Do It Sober’


Regular readers of The Static Dive have followed each step of Gigaknot’s (aka Markus Andrew) burgeoning music career since he made his professional solo recording debut in 2020. His earliest work consisted of experimental instrumental music inspired by his past life as a gaming streamer. Soon the electronic producer evolved into a multi-genre songwriter.

Two soulful R&B-infused downtempo electronic Pop collaborations with vocalist Gianna Juliet followed. “Broken” told the tale of a love gone wrong, while the sequel “HeartBeat” chronicled the excitement and anxiety of a new romance. More collabs and instrumentals followed. With each new single he further expands the scope and vision of his unique musical palette. On his latest release, Markus is taking yet another artistic leap forward.

“Do It Sober” is the latest single from Gigaknot, released worldwide to all major streaming services on December 23, 2021. A dark and emotional tune, the track represents Andrew’s debut as a vocalist. The song opens on a deep, melodic synth bass and a minimalist beat. Soon, Gigaknot enters the mix with a sleepy stream-of-consciousness meditation on mental health and substance abuse. The deeply personal track mixes elements of Synthwave and Trap for a dramatic Dark Pop mood.

I hope by expressing my mental issues and struggles it will help others who hear it and relate to the music and be able to know there are different outlets to release all the pain.

Gigaknot (Markus Andrew)

Check out “Do it Sober” below. You can also hear the track on the Deep Indie Dive playlist, or listen on your favorite streaming service. Follow the links below to connect with Gigaknot. Get on his socials and get in the loop on all of the music to come from this talented and versatile artist.

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