The Static Dive Drops Chill New Zen Seeds

zen seeds

Zen Seeds” is the lead single and title track from the groundbreaking forthcoming new instrumental album by The Static Dive. The piano/guitar piece is a beautiful downtempo mix of Trip-hop, Ambient and Lo-if vibes inspired by the writings of world renowned female Zen priest Shundo Aoyama.

The Static Dive is the professional name of multi-instrumentalist artist, producer, blogger and podcaster Bob Smith. Since the 90’s, the New York musician has worked on all sides of the music business, written hundreds of songs and performed on countless stages across the Northeastern United States. In 2021 Smith signed a publishing deal with Frankfurt, Germany’s FBP Music Group.

“Zen Seeds” is one of my favorite pieces of music I’ve ever written.

Bob Smith (The Static Dive)
Composed & Performed by The Static Dive (Bob Smith)
Mixed and mastered by Kilo House
Artwork by Lela Smith

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