KaosTheRapper & A-F-R-O’s New Collab ‘8bit’


KaosTheRapper is a fast emerging independent Hip-hop artist from Kitchener, Ontario. The Canadian emcee is on a mission to bring back the Golden Age of rap. In the late 1980’s and early 90’s, lyrical rhymes were king in Hip-hop. Led by early East Coast pioneers like Public Enemy and Boogie Down Productions, and later by West Coast visionaries like 2Pac and Dr. Dre, early Hip-hop placed substance over style. 

Fans of the old-school feel as though that dynamic has shifted over time. KaosTheRapper is among them, and he is doing his part to bring back smart lyrical content. Since his debut a year ago, the prolific rapper has produced over a dozen singles on multiple platforms, as well as two full length albums.

“8bit” is the latest single from KaosTheRapper, released via YouTube on January 29 and available worldwide via all major streaming services on February 10, 2022. The track pairs a chilled mood with some impressive rapid-fire rhymes. Ethereal electric guitar chords and a flute loop set a slightly psychedelic vibe as mellow bass tones ride a downtempo beat.

Kaos is joined on the track by guest rapper A-F-R-O (all flows reach out). Regular readers of The Static Dive will remember him from last year’s collab with Poetic the Rapper. On ‘8bit,’ Kaos and A-F-R-O take turns dropping some impressive chopping rhymes. Each rapper displays excellent technique with a machine-gun delivery and some really clever lines.

Check out “8bit” below. Look for the song on your favorite streaming service on February 10. And follow the links below to connect with KaosTheRapper. Get on his socials and join him on his Hip-hop journey.

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