Meta Racer X – Creators Wanted In The Metaverse

Meta Racer X is a next generation video game, designed for the Metaverse. The digital world is evolving at an incomprehensible pace. Our familiar landscape of interconnected websites has already spawned its own crypto economy. With the NFT revolution, that virtual economy is now generating its own tangible digital assets. Although the technology is still in its infancy, the future promises to hold bold new innovations in integration and collaboration.

That is where Meta Racer X comes in. Currently in development and seeking funding, the game will take the first-person auto-racing genre into a whole new realm. Within the game there are opportunities to earn tokens that can be used for trade, commerce and contests. However, these are not merely in-game coins. The ‘Prodigy’ tokens are an actual crypto currency which can be bought and sold on crypto exchanges elsewhere in the Metaverse.

That integration with the greater digital world at large is not limited to the Prodigy token. Assets within the game and associated with Meta Racer X are being minted as NFTs which too can be traded outside of gameplay. Even the gamers avatar will be able to roam. The company is already planning more games in the future which will be built with widespread Metaverse integration in mind. Players will be able to use the same avatar across them all.

The game developers have asked The Static Dive to help connect them with independent artists interested in joining the revolution. They are currently seeking creators of all disciplines to contribute to their corner of the Metaverse. The project is launching with an Indiegogo campaign and an NFT collection of 10,000 unique 3D art pieces about to drop on the Ethereum blockchain. That is just the beginning as the company is already in discussions to get celebrities, influencers, and NFT luminaries into the game.

Whether you are interested in making a financial investment or a creative contribution to the project, the folks at Meta Racer X want to hear from you. Follow the links below to connect. Reach out on social media, check out their website and dig into the Indiegogo campaign for more. Get in the loop and race into the future.

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