Selma Hrönn Maríudóttir’s New ‘Over Romanticized’

Selma Hrönn Maríudóttir
Selma Hrönn Maríudóttir – Over Romanticized (feat. Eric Castiglia & Katie Burke)

We first heard from Selma Hrönn Maríudóttir back in August of 2020 upon the release of her single “Savour the Moment.” That track introduced us to an Icelandic songwriter who has made a career of collaborating with other musicians from around the world. Since the 1990’s, the uniquely talented writer has released a string of singles and a full length album.

Selma first began making music as a teenager. She had a difficult childhood growing up in foster care. Music was an escape, and a comfort. By the time she was just seven years-old she had taught herself to play the guitar and piano. She was soon writing songs and released her first record at twenty-one.

“Over-Romanticized” is the latest single from Selma Hrönn Maríudóttir, released worldwide to all major streaming services on February 24, 2022. Once again the songwriter has reached out across the globe to find collaborators. A total of 7 countries are represented on the tune which features; vocalists Eric Castiglia (Italy) and Katie Burke (USA), Zamm Kenoby (France) on drums, Jon Ublansky (Canada) on bass, Samituru (Finland) on guitar, Ruslan Gatash (Ukraine) on the Hammond Organ and Grammy award winner Fabian Hernandez (USA) on sax.

The track opens on a laid-back guitar, bass, drum and organ Pop/Funk groove. Meanwhile Eric Castiglia and Katie Burke deliver a soulful and bluesy duet about a love affair built on a mutual infatuation that seems irrational to outside observers. Each player is top notch and Fabian Hernandez serves up a particularly sweet solo in the bridge. It’s a fun and funky love song with a cool international vibe. 

Check out the “Over Romanticized” lyric video below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Dive playlist, or listen on your favorite streaming service. Follow the links below to connect with Selma Hrönn Maríudóttir and join her unique musical journey.

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