Guilherme Cosme Readies New Album

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Singer, songwriter, and composer Guilherme Cosme is a complex and mutli-faceted artist. Regular readers of The Static Dive first heard from him as the frontman of the Irish Post-Punk band, Mary Bleeds. Shortly after the Mary Bleeds debut, the Brazilian born and raised singer also dropped his solo debut EP.

The two records introduced a darkly poetic writer and skilled vocalist with a broad stylistic range. Lyrically Guilherme Cosme’s music explores dark psychological themes surrounding religion, childhood trauma and mental health issues. His solo debut dove deeper into those lyrical themes as well as his own experimental compositional style.

This Spring, Guilherme Cosme will follow up the accomplishments of 2021 with his debut full length solo album “Persephone and the Ghost Brother.” The record’s 13 self-produced songs further explore the writer’s world of difficult memories and their psychological repercussions. “Amber” is the first track and lead single. The song’s mix of psychological drama and psychedelic experimentation make for an excellent introduction to Guilherme Cosme’s richly nuanced new album. 

A low electronic heartbeat pulses through the song as we embark on a wild psychedelic meditation, fueled by studio wizardry. Using just a transicord accordion and a theremin, Cosme creates a hypnotic soundscape. An electronic heartbeat pulses, deep chords moan and the hint of a breakbeat fades in and out of the mix. The song paints the scene of a disturbing dream as Guilherme Cosme delivers a lyrical exploration of trauma and perseverance, with vivid poetic imagery and a remarkable vocal range.

Check out the “Amber” video below. Follow the links below to connect with Guilherme Cosme. Get on his socials and get in the loop on all of the news surrounding his forthcoming new album “Persephone and the Ghost Brother.”


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