Guilherme Cosme’s New Dark & Poetic Journey Into The Mind

Guilherme Cosme
Persephone and the Ghost Brother

Readers of The Static Dive have come to know Guilherme Cosme well from both his solo work and that of his band Mary Bleeds. Born and raised in Brazil, the singer, songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist producer now calls Ireland home. In 2021 Guilherme Cosme released two debuts; Mary Bleeds’ eponymous album and his own solo EP ‘Demons.’

His work explores the dark yet universally relatable themes of mental illness and trauma, and he mines his own memories for inspiration. Listening to the music of Guilherme Cosme is a distinct artistic experience. His records are more a series of sonic scenes than traditional songs. He weaves cryptic poetry through ambient mixes of electronic and organic instrumentation to powerful dramatic effect. 

“Persephone and the Ghost Brother” is the debut full-length solo album from Guilherme Cosme, due for release on May 30, 2022. In structure, form and subject matter the thirteen track collection is a complex and emotional meditation on themes of family, religion and personal introspection. It is a hypnotic musical journey through a dark, expertly constructed and often beautiful musical world.

From the electronic pulses and poetic imagery of “Amber” to the psychedelic acapella lullaby “Brando,” on “Persephone and the Ghost Brother” Guilherme Cosme guides us through a complex maze of memory and mystery. He wrote, arranged and produced the album and made most of the sounds himself. The sole exception is Argentinian harpist Mercedes Bralo who plays the only acoustic instrument heard in the piece.

Throughout the album Guilherme experiments with vocal effects, classic synths and unorthodox electronic instruments like theremin and transichord. The piece flows through various analog and electronic settings. The songs are structured as poetic performance pieces. There are melodies and rhythms here, but they are fluid. The record has more of a flow than beat.

Bralo’s angelic harp plays counterpoint to Guilherme Cosme’s deep, fire-and-brimstone baritone on tracks like “Demon” and “Empty.”  The guest musician takes the front seat on the beautifully melancholy “The Final Cut.” Cosme incorporates Classical music elsewhere as well, as on the Gregorian Chant-style harmonies of “Progenitor” and the cathedral organ of “Mother.”

Elsewhere on “Persephone and the Ghost Brother” we find elements of EDM (‘So Long Eponine’), Psychedelia (‘Amber’,’Mother’) and even Folk (“Good Intent”). However, these stylistic inclusions are mere flashes. They are supporting characters in the larger narrative. This music is about the experience. The instrumental and stylistic shifts are all just pieces of the whole.

In March Guilherme Cosme released the record’s first single ‘Amber’. Watch the video below. “Persephone and the Ghost Brother” was mixed in analogue by Julie McLarnon (The Vaselines, Lankum, Mary Bleeds) and digital by Brendan Decoran (Garbage, Trent Reznor, Nine Inch Nails). The album will be available everywhere on May 30, 2022. Follow the links below to connect with the artist. Get on his socials and get in the loop.

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