Steve Larsen & PBJ Preview New ‘Eyes Wide Open’

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Steve Larsen is a man on a mission. The singer/songwriter and self-described ‘voracious truth-seeker’ has spent most of his lifetime familiarizing himself with the many political and spiritual philosophies upon which modern civilization is built. As these investigations bear fruit, Larsen shares his lessons learned in song.

The Minnesota raised Floridian made his professional solo recording debut in 2012 with the album “Beyond Belief.” In the years since the album’s release, he has conducted deep dive investigations into a number of alternate historical and conspiracy theories. From President John F. Kennedy’s assassination to the Patriot Act, Steve Larsen is looking under rugs and behind curtains for the real story.

“Eyes Wide Open” is the brand new two-track EP from Steve Larsen. He is joined on the record by his band Powered by Joy featuring longtime collaborator Chris Leonard (owner and engineer at Gremlen Studios in Aurora, IL) on guitar and bass, J-Man (drums), Larsen’s son Thomas Larsen (drums, lead and backing vocals) and Thomas’ wife Ally Larsen (backing vocals and keyboards). The record comes in advance of the singer’s forthcoming double album of the same name.

The EP opens with the title track “Eyes Wide Open.” With a lo-fi Indie-Pop beach vibe, Steve and PBJ lay down a fun and folky organic funk. The singer steps to the mic and presents his evidence on a myriad of historical narratives. He delivers his news with classic REM/Everly-style College Rock vocal harmonies. The wistful acoustic ballad “I’ll Be Waiting” follows. The song finds a father waiting and worrying about his son who is deployed overseas.  

Listen to both “Eyes Wide Open ” and “I’ll Be Waiting” below. And follow the links at the end of this article to connect with Steve Larsen. Get on his profiles and get in the loop on all of the news surrounding his brand new up coming album “Eyes wide Open.”

Eyes Wide Open

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