Tayler Jade’s New ‘Manifest’ On House Of Jade

Tayler Jade's New 'Manifest' On House Of Jade 1
House of Jade

Tayler Jade is an American singer, songwriter and purpose-driven artist who made her professional solo recording debut in 2021 with the singles “Temporary” and “WYA.” Those tracks introduced a talented young artist and activist. She makes soulful, radio-ready r&b and pop and pairs it with a humanitarian vision that extends beyond the music.

Since those first tracks Tayler Jade has built the House of Jade brand around her music, fashion and philanthropy. The singer uses her public platform to raise awareness for causes about which she is passionate, like child hunger. And that platform is growing exponentially every day. Tayler now counts her streaming number as tens of millions across multiple streaming services.

“Manifest” is the latest single from Tayler Jade, currently available exclusively through the singer’s House of Jade website. The song is a smooth r&b/pop slow jam. Chill electric piano chords ride a mellow funk bass line on a mid-tempo hip-hop beat. Tayler matches that groove with soulful lead vocal and some impeccably executed multi-part harmonies.

Both the “Manifest” single and video are available exclusively through Tayler Jade’s website, House of Jade. Follow the links below to watch and listen. And connect with the growing community of fans on the site as they enjoy her music and work together to help others. Get on the singer’s socials and get in the loop on everything to come from this multifaceted creator.

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