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Norm Goldfarb is a veteran songwriter, composer and producer who first appeared on these pages two years ago upon the release of his 4 song EP Blood Moon. That record introduced readers of The Static Dive to a multi-talented genre-bending musician with classic rock chops and a taste for the theater. Ten years ago, after decades of performing, at the age of 65 Norm decided to try his hand at songwriting.

Since then, Norm Goldfarb has amassed an impressive volume of work, including eight albums, numerous singles and a handful of EPs. He works solo and with guest performers to create dramatic and musically sophisticated pop, featuring elements of rock, jazz and classical music. The songwriter has connected with fans around the world on popular singles like “Songs of Love” and “Into My Heart”.

“Night of a Blood Moon” is the brand new album from Norm Goldfarb, released worldwide via all major streaming services on August 29, 2022. From the cinematic prog-rock intro “Night Battle” to the orchestral drama of “Winterhell”, over the course of 17 songs, Norm Goldfarb weaves a horror/sci-fi tale of vampires, politics and romance.

A number of previously released songs are included in the tracklist. However, this is not some sort of Best Of compilation. The album is more of a creative compendium consisting of both new and existing material. The songs contained within were compiled and composed around a theme, to establish a dark theatrical narrative. 

Musically, the album is a multi-genre ride from Broadway to CBGB. Norm Goldfarb explores trip-hop inspired dark synth-pop on tracks like “Blood Moon”, “Even Though” and “Into My Heart”. Elsewhere we dive deep into the world of musical theater on songs like the romantic ballad “Songs of Love” and the heartbreaking “Lament”.

The record take an indie rock turn with the darkwave and retro electro-pop vibes of “Like Her”, “Daylight”, “Black Sunday” and “As I Am”. The ambient synths of “Sirens” introduces “Not Alone”, a real highpoint on the album that blends classic and modern electronic sounds into a cool and percussive digital groove. In the end we head back to the theater for a dramatic set of tunes, including the operatic “Simple Goodbyes”.

Check out “Night of the Blood Moon” below, or listen on your favorite streaming service. You can also hear “Black Sunday” & “Not Alone” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist, and “Sirens” on the Deep Indie Chill. We had the chance to chat with Norm about the album. Check out his answers to our 9 questions below. And follow the links at the end of this article to connect with Norm Goldfarb. 

9 Questions with Norm Goldfarb

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Where are you from?

I am a Brooklyn native from the streets of Brighton Beach, the home of Neil Diamond, Neil Sedaka & The Tokens. Arthur Miller, Harvey Keitel & Louis Gosset graduated from Lincoln High.

How long have you been making music?

I started playing the clarinet at age 9, the guitar after that & the keyboard after that. I’ve always had a good ear & hated practice, so I started writing my own music. I am almost 75 years old & seriously started writing only within the last 10 years. Talk about a late bloomer…boomer!

We know you sometimes work with guest vocalists. Who are the singers of other musicians appearing on “Night of the Blood Moon”?

The other singers on my album are: Nicki Gonzalez, Lydia Salnikova from the Russian Band Bering Strait and Alex Van True who does unbelievable Freddie Mercury covers.

Although you were heavily influenced by the rock & roll of the 1960s, your sound also incorporates elements of alternative, trip-hop and a healthy dose of musical theater. Is this mix of styles intentional, or is just the natural evolution of your sound?

Yes, I write in various styles, mostly unintentionally, except for musical theater. I feel theater opens the door to highly emotional, lyrically based songs I instinctively use to draw pictures of characters. I loved West Side Story, Phantom of the Opera, Nightmare Before Christmas & always listened to movie soundtracks. 

What is your greatest non-musical influence?

My non-musical influences are JFK, RFK, MLK growing up in the 60’s. I am also a movie lover & admire  Kubrick, Altman, Coppola, Tim Burton & Scorcese who knew the power of music in their films.

There is a mythical narrative that ties these songs together. Can you give us the story in a nutshell

When I started writing lyrics, I needed some songs to be dark, even if the melody wasn’t. I think I drew from the story of a vampire because it was sexy, powerful & irresistible, especially females (not Bela Lagosi). I thought about the social climate these last few years & realized that the politicians were like vampires, pure evil, sucking the life out of our world. There are references to “The man with orange hair…)in Black Sunday.

Most of the songs from your Blood Moon EP appear on the album. Was that always the plan, or did the album evolve from those songs?

Blood Moon was the introduction to Night of. I knew then that I ultimately would wrap all these (and many before this) into a V Opera!

What are your plans for the future (musically)?

I will continue to write when the spirits permit & the spirits are consumed. It keeps my headspace in order as I learned during the pandemic & wrote an album called Daylight, as the days confined were difficult.

Is there anything else you would like to say?

It’s been my life’s dream to make music but being the ultimate procrastinator, I waited until I was in my 60’s. Why? Because I had to say something to the world with music… I had to!