ESB 808 Debuts With The New ‘Narcissist’

ESB 808

ESB 808 is the professional name of emerging singer, songwriter, rapper and purveyor of positivity,  Pauline Chu. Originally from Hong Kong, growing up she split her time between the San Francisco Bay area and Honolulu, Hawaii. She now lives on the beautiful island of O’ahu and is making her solo recording debut in 2022.

Musically, ESB 808 has a genre-fluid hip-hop sound that incorporates elements of pop, funk and old-school. Lyrically inspired by nature and her spiritual beliefs, the artist creates music intended to uplift. Her goal is to connect with her listeners on an emotional level.

"I affirm life and all my music will be positive. I will not use profanity or degradation in my music."
ESB 808

“Narcissist” is the debut single from ESB 808, released worldwide via all major streaming services on November 4, 2022. The track opens on a bluesy bass and electric piano riff. Soon the beat drops on a lo-fi breakbeat groove. Chu steps to the mic with an old-school rap that calls out narcissistic men and serves as a warning to their potential victims. It’s a serious subject, but ESB 808 keeps a fun vibe throughout.

Check out the “Narcissist” lyric video below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Beat playlist, or listen on your favorite streaming service. Follow the links below to connect with the artist. Get on her profile and get ready for her forthcoming sophomore single “Social Media”.

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