ArtistNation – Keep Your Cool


ArtistNation is a Washington, DC area multi-disciplinary artist who goes by many names and works in multiple arenas. Also known as Mahoghany and ThePrivateExtrovert, she is a songwriter, actor, author, poet and playwright. In recent months the award-winning DMV creator has turned her attention to making music.

Regular readers of The Static Dive will remember her previous singles like the rousing anthem “Honor” and heartfelt ballads “This Day” and “Pretend“. An eclectic and multifaceted artist, as a songwriter ArtistNation’s sound is a genre-fluid mix of soulful downtempo beats and inspirational lyrical themes. Her latest serves that recipe with a relaxed 90’s vibe.

“Keep Your Cool” is a new single from ArtistNation, released worldwide via all major streaming services on February 8, 2023. As the track opens, ambient synths and vocals set an ethereal scene. Soon the beat drops on a chilled trip-hop groove. On the mic, a male vocalist with a classic r&b tenor sings about keeping his cool in a series of stressful situations. 

Check out “Keep Your Cool” below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Beat playlist, or listen on your favorite streaming service. Follow the links below to connect with ArtistNation. Get on her socials and stay in the know about all of the many creative projects to come from this diversely talented artist.

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